POS-X are Some Fancy Lads

July 17, 2008

We’ve worked pretty closely with POS-X over the past few years. They’re our go-to hardware for creating complete solutions, mostly because all their equipment works together with minimum headache and a minimal destruction of your pocketbook. They have a lineup featuring a few barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, touch screen monitors, and all-in-one PCs, and they’re always striving to give the customer what they need.

This relationship means they give us a heads up when new products are getting prepped to be unleashed on the teeming POS masses, and they’ve pushed through a pretty solid spec bump to a lot of their products in the past month or two.

I worked in tech support when their Xm90 credit card reader was first being sold, and I gotta tell you, I had more headaches with strange build quality, permanent documentation typos, and inconsistent data transmission, than with any other credit card reader/barcode scanner/player piano I had to support. Thankfully they finally got the Xm95 out in the wild, which feels a lot sturdier, sends data accurately, and is pretty straightforward to configure.

Their Xr500 printer, which has been a solid thermal receipt workhorse for the past 3 years, has been retired and replaced with the Xr510. Mostly changes under the hood, the Xr510 is better, faster, stronger. Right here is where you should make the 6 million dollar man slo-mo jump noise. The 7.9″ per second print speed is about 30% faster than the predecessor, and they’ve managed to cram in heavier duty internals to ensure longer use.

The Xr210 impact printer is a full departure from their Xr200, and actually looks kind of foreboding, at least in our main product pic. POS-X decided that Serial and Parallel weren’t enough, and decided to hook the Xr210 up with USB and Ethernet interface options as well. Excellent, since finding Serial and Parallel ports on new PCs is more difficult than spotting the Yeti on a bottle of Koakanee. It’s there. Believe me.

As for the last update, the Xp8200 pole display takes all the good features in pole displays and ignores the pitfalls and caveats that seem to permeate the market. While the Xp800 couldn’t rotate, the Xp8200’s screen can spin a full 360 degrees. People may not need a 15″ display height, so they made it adjustable. And nobody on the market really provides easily changed command modes (emulations), and so POS-X put the comfigurability of the Xp8000 in overdrive, adding Logic Controls support now. It really is the best pole display I’ve seen on the market.


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