Preh Touchkey

July 30, 2008

Hey this is a keyboard that actually seems cool. Not quite Optimus cool, but it’s still unique and could be rad for all sorts of nerds. The Preh Touchkey keyboard has a touchscreen LCD built into it and hooks into an xml driver app to contextually change the layout depending on what commands have been entered on the touchscreen or the physical keys.

It’s a pretty basic screen, monochrome and you can put shapes & stuff on it, but it could be totally awesome for like WoW players, being able to use the buttons on the side to bring up different skill lists for different encounters. Even better, the Preh Keyboards can be programmed to have something like 65k inputs, with timing & looping, per keystroke, so you could program it to get you from town to town or fight monsters for you. You still have to be there to push the button, but now you can like eat a sammich or watch cartoons instead!

And like every other POS Keyboard in existence, the TouchKey was designed to withstand howitzer fire pretty much. Each key is rated at 30 million full actuations, or 10 minutes of killing zombies in Diablo II.


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