Outtakes are Great

October 22, 2008

Especially when I’m not involved. This is part of what it took to get the Symbol Scanner Review to be as awesome as it is. I gotta hand it to Jaime, she powers through the frustration and gives us solid footage everytime.


Metrologic Voyager Review

October 22, 2008

Look at this, we’re starting to get a decent flow on cranking out this videos. This time it’s a trifecta again, involving the Metrologic Voyager, VoyagerPDF, and VoyagerBT.

For the unitiated, these scanners are retail-oriented, with a 10-12″ maximum scan range. The VoyagerPDF can scan PDF417 barcodes, which are 2-dimensional. You do have to move the scanner across the barocde to get it to read, but it gives off geiger counter noises to let you know it’s reading. The VoyagerBT is the BlueTooth cordless model and has a 120 foot radio range.

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