POS-X Cash Drawer Review

October 29, 2008

I feel like I’m just embedding youtube videos and that’s about it. And, really, I’m pretty okay with it. Makes for more consistent sharing.

Anyway, we got another video review up, this time for the POS-X Cash Drawer lineup. We cover the XC16Z, XC19Z, and the new and fantastic XC16HD and XC19HD. It’s covered in the video, but the HD series takes the Z series and beefs the crap out of them. I’m waiting for them to make one so durable that you can shoot it with no harm done. That’ll be an awesome video.


One Response to “POS-X Cash Drawer Review”

  1. […] cash drawer is the POS-X XC16HD, which we’ve already shown to be pretty tough. Upgrading that guy seems unnecessary when you can stand on it. More products should have a […]

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