Symbol LS2208 Video Review

November 7, 2008

I’m just putting videos all over the place. This round is the Symbol LS2208, one of the premier barcode scanners from our Symbol/Motorola friends. Pretty sure it’s been around forever, and it’s just as badass as it was when it was unleashed on the markets. If you go to a Radio Shack — and I know everyone needs wire clamps and PCB on occasion — the LS2208 is their main scanner.

Our reviewer mentions the durability being able to hold up to 6-foot drops. We were able to drop it from 13 feet a few times before it looked like the top plastic piece was going to explode off. Once we got it squished back together so it looked fine, it worked like a champ. The auto-sense trigger was permanently set, but it still works fine.

We’ve had a full text review online for a while, in case you’re looking for more info.

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