Metrologic Focus Review

November 25, 2008

I just love posting video links apparently. The Metrologic Focus and FocusBT are two really solid imagers from our Metrologician friends, soon to be Honeywelled. Yes, Honeywell, the company that makes everything, will now be making barcode scanners as well. Rocket Fuel and thermostats, that’s diversification if I ever saw it.

So yeah, things to know about the Focus. It’s a 2D barcode imager, so it actually takes a photo of the barcode and then analyzes the data. This means you can get a totally biffed up barcode, and the Focus will parse out the good parts of it until it can make a complete barcode. And it does this really quickly.

The barcode scanners basically run a linux derivative, or so I’ve been told, which means that they can be programmed to send just the data you need. Well, after a lot of work, they now have that in the form of EasyID. This lets you scan the barcode on the back of a state ID or driver’s license, and it’ll send the pertinent data to whatever application you’re running. It’s excellent for places that do credit card applications, and eliminates the errors from new typists or having trouble distinguishing between l & I.

So here’s the video, enjoy.

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