Health Care Is Fun Times – Zebra HC100

February 5, 2009

Our health care and point of care kick continues on today, this time with the Zebra HC100 wristband printer. I guess it’s easy for patients to wander off or switch beds with other patients, so you strap a wristband on them and you know who’s who. Apparently putting a little bell on them wasn’t cutting it.

The printer doesn’t have to just be used in hospitals and clinics, wristbands are becoming more and more prevalent in door access for festival shows as well as bars with VIP rooms & stuff, so hey why not get one for your next foam party and make customers feel fancy?

It’s a 2 inch per second printer, which isn’t super fast, but it’s a pretty specialized system and prints at 300 dpi so we’ll give them a pass. With Zebra’s drivers and some custom printing software, such as bartender or labelmatrix, you could really zazz up the wristbands so maybe your customers will wear them for a couple days. And who doesn’t want to get on the zazz train to zazzville, really?


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