Point of Care Is Go

February 16, 2009

So now that we got a few different health-care oriented barcode scanners & mobile computers on the site, we’ve finally made the push to get a point of care subsection up there too. It’s a double edged sword of awesome up there in that we wanted to focus on healthcare applications for customers, but that means writing up unique content on how the products are best used. Suffice to say, by Friday afternoon my brain was tapped out of words to use.

This new push also ties in with the front page fanciness, featuring the Zebra HC100, Unitech PA600 MCA, and Elo 1928L. We like to have all our effort work in concert to make one big fancy thing, as opposed to 3 medium fancy things. Kind of like Voltron, or the giant decepticon that was made up of construction equipment. I think he was called Devastator.

So this means we’ll be providing more information on how to best integrate our products into hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare environments. This should be a pretty fun learning experience on its own.


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