Security Cameras Without Breaking the Bank

February 17, 2009

That’s one hell of a title up there, for a pretty solid and low cost way to get a surveillance system going at your business. The Astak CM-818DVR4V has been kickin around on our site for a few weeks now, and should have a video review once we get footage from the DVR and into our movie editing software.

I got to play with this rig for a couple days, and the toughest part of setup is running cables to the cameras. Everything is plug-and-play, and the DVR can either be plugged into the network or straight into a TV/Monitor. It does require an ActiveX control to properly use the network access control, which is a little rough for those of us without IE, so it’s usually a solid plan to have a standalone monitor for general access.

For those times that you’re not around to check on the system, the video receiver has a 250GB hard drive and can store video data there. There’s also a USB port in case you want to store footage on external devices, or grab the clip of the guy dancing to the store muzak to upload to YouTube.

But for the price, you get a great and easy way to keep an eye on your business, and with the way things currently are, anything that can prevent loss and keep your accounts accurate is well worth the investment.


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