More companies are sharing their successes in pairing barcode scanners with iPhones & Blackberries & such, and far be it from us to deny you their videos. I imagine we’ll be soon approaching a point in which it’s odd that a Bluetooth scanner doesn’t pair to a smartphone, but for now there’s some novelty.

First up, Opticon sent us links to setting up the OPN 2002 with both an iPhone and iPad. They already had the scanner pairing to Blackberries (with a little help from some wedge software), so this definitely adds to its desirability. As a sidenote, the OPN 2002 comes from the Opticon Mobility Group. They like to refer to themselves as OMG. I enjoy getting OMG White Papers and OMG Spec Sheets.

I had already mentioned that the Socket CHS 7 series can connect to the iPhone, but I neglected to post their video.

The videos are great walkthroughs if you’re having trouble getting your phone and scanner connected.


I talked to a fantastic resource at Motorola, in regards to their CS3070 hooking up to an iPhone. He said that this only works on the iPhone 4 hardware, so that’s why we’ve been having issues with pairing. I imagine this affects the other barcode scanners we’ve tried.

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