Restaurant Pagers

December 29, 2010

For a few years we’ve had Command Communications’ guest & staff pagers up on our site. I’m sure by now you all have a solid idea of these systems; rather than cramming around a restaurant’s host podium waiting for your name to be called, you get a glowy coaster thing that vibrates & otherwise freaks out to let you know your table is ready. It’s a tremendous product and has all but eliminated hearing “Dufresne, party of 3” over & over again at your favorite eatery.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to stock Command Communications pagers for a few months and it’s been a real bummer. Customers would call in excited to get pagers, only to be turned away. Well not anymore, we’ve made friends with Long Range Systems and are now carrying their brand of pagers.

LRS, according to their site, are the first company to really create the restaurant and server pager market, so they’ve got quite a strong product catalog. Their transmitters can work with both staff and guest pagers, are portable, and one can even send customers text messages that their table is ready.

They’ve also moved into unique designs, such as a (rock) lobster and pizza slice. So now you can hang onto a wicked awesome lobster while you wait to be seated, instead of a coaster. Sounds pretty fun to me.


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