Symbol DS6878

January 7, 2011

DS6878 Barcode ScannerMotorola Solutions – they’ve had to take a new name after the split – has a new 2D cordless barcode scanner with an incredibly aggressive scan engine. The Symbol DS6878 is out and looking to join the Honeywell Xenon as the new era of 2D data capture. This is the cordless companion to the DS6708 line of imagers and is the first cordless imager from Motorola not designed for heavy industrial use.

It has the same SE4500 “Blockbuster” scan engine that’s in the DS9808, but tuned a bit for point & shoot scanning as opposed to presentation style scanning. For standard UPC barcode scanning, you can get up to about 11″ away before the imager has trouble getting a read, which isn’t too bad for retail or inventory scanning. There’s also a driver’s license parsing option for the DS6878, so you can format the scanner to send the license data you need in the order your software prefers. For things like customer loyalty programs, this can not only cut the sign up process to a few seconds, but it also eliminates data entry errors.

The build quality on the DS6878 makes it a bit beefier than standard retail scanners, so you could see it at home in Costcos as well as convenience stores. A sturdy design gives it a drop resistance of 6 feet to concrete, so it should be fine unless tossing it around is part of your daily operations. You also get an IP43 seal, so it’s protected from dirt & water splashes.

For hospitals & health care providers, a DS6878-HC model is available. Not only does it come in white with blue accents, which is the official hospital color scheme, but it’s made with an antimicrobial plastic that not only doesn’t grow bacteria, but you can wipe it down with sanitizing agents and it won’t pit the plastic. Pitted Plastic would be a good name for a punk or hardcore band.

We received a demo DS6878 yesterday, so once I run it through the ringer I’ll put up a more in depth review of the scanner, with comparisons to the DS6707.


3 Responses to “Symbol DS6878”

  1. productman Says:

    After checking out Motorola’s 123Scan configuration app, I could only find ways to enable OCR and specific OCR fonts. I have an email out to their support team to get more information and will let you know as soon as I learn more.

    • productman Says:

      In the Quick Start Guide’s host settings, there’s a choice in the USB section titled “SNAPI with Imaging” that should set your scanner to take images. You do need the hands-free base, too.

  2. Kevin Tory Says:

    I’ve been reading the documentation on this scanner, but I cannot figure out how the user switches between imaging and scanning, and how they know what area is being captured for the image. The manual is 600+ pages long, and does contain anything about image capture!

    Have you tried taking pictures? How do you switch back and forth? Any info would be appreciated. I’m thinking of getting one, but do not know enough about it yet.

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