Logic Controls LV3000

May 3, 2011

Pole displays have been the primary way for like ever to tell customers how much they owe or what was just rung up during the checkout process. And for the longest time, I always imagined them randomly displaying “Would you like to play a game?” Two rows of twenty characters ripped straight from a Speak n’ Spell, and that’s all you get.

In the past few years, though, manufacturers have been working on adding better features and greater display options. They’ve also extended these ideas towards TVs installed on site, and got the fancy name of digital signage.

For instance, at the fantastic regional chain Taco Time, a nice LCD display points at the customer and lets them know what they ordered. It also shows a cactus on the side, because cacti are symbolic of tex-mex cuisine. Between orders it shows pictures of food and deals going on that day, which is nice.

Logic Controls has started to bridge the gap between back-mounted LCDs and old school pole displays, offering up the LV3000. As a LCD customer display, the LV3000 offers a 7″ screen with a native resolution of 800×480. It’s almost wide enough for 480p widescreen video playback, which would be pretty rad at your checkout. I know if the line’s long, I’d like to watch TV.

It’s available with a VGA or USB interface, with the USB model requiring additional included driver software. Most POS software should be compatible with this method of output, but even if it’s not, slideshow software could be used to show glamor pics of your products, or maybe even your kid’s piano recital. Sometimes a little novelty can go a long way.

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