Unitech MS910 Cordless Scanner

September 20, 2012

We have had the Unitech MS910 barcode scanner up on our site for a few months, but I finally got my hands on a real actual unit to test out. So far, it’s a pretty easy to use and really affordable option for bluetooth scanning for iPhones, Android phones, or any tablet or laptop.

Unitech advertises the scanner as being as small as a pack of gum, and it definitely feels about the same size as those small packs of Wrigley’s. It’s remarkably lightweight and easy to carry, and the shiny trigger feels responsive when scanning.

Pairing the MS910 with my iPhone did take a bit longer than with comparable products, but is incredibly straightforward. An included Quick Guide has the configuration barcodes necessary for pairing, and after scanning a passcode provided on the iPhone’s screen, I was able to send data to any open text field.

The MS910 reads most 1D barcodes with ease, including retail barcodes and even 1D shipping barcodes. There is a little bit of a learning curve to find the sweet spot, as the depth of field is about half a foot for standard UPC barcodes. I wonder how many times I can write barcode in one paragraph. Barcode. We were even able to read barcodes off LCD screens, including cell phones.

In terms of durability, the MS910 is built for retail use. It has a drop spec of 5 feet, so maybe if you’re a little clumsy or knock it off a shelf it should be fine. But there’s also an included wrist strap, eliminating the risk of drops entirely, and making the scanner feel a bit like a Wiimote.

I think the MS910 is a great fit for plenty of mobile scanning applications. From general inventory management to shipping receiving, the scanner reads 1D barcodes quickly and pairs with most any device on the market. And with the ability to scan on LCD screens, the MS910 becomes a great option for ticketing applications. Rather than have a giant mobile computer, venues can use the MS910 and a smaller mobile computer or even a paired PC nearby to scan both paper tickets and etickets. I know Amtrak is using mobile computers to scan passenger tickets, so this could be a viable option.

One Response to “Unitech MS910 Cordless Scanner”

  1. Anne Says:

    These type of handheld barcode scanners that can strap to your wrist are the most convenient and they also tend to be quite durable. You are certainly not the first one to drop one and it happens on the job all the time.

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