Motorola ET1 and Redbeam Mobile Asset Tracking Kit

December 21, 2012

Motorola ET1 RedBeam Asset Tracking BundleRedBeam has released an Android version of their Asset Tracking software, giving us a more complete data management solution for Android devices. And so we’ve put together a Motorola ET1 kit including the software and peripherals you need to track assets at your business.

Asset tracking is pretty important at larger offices and multi-location businesses. Even at our office, we have lost a lot of time wondering where demo products have wandered off to or whether we even had the product in the first place. With RedBeam Asset Tracking, we can not only keep track of where products are, we can store additional data, including warranty and specifications.

Let me give you an example of where RedBeam Asset Tracking would’ve saved me a ton of time. When I was at WWU, I managed 5 residence hall computer labs, plus a smattering of single station PCs in common areas. All told, it was about 65 computers and 8 printers. It wasn’t a ton of hardware, but still more than I could track by memory, so I had three or four spreadsheets of specs, serial numbers, and maintenance history.

RedBeam Asset Tracker could’ve stored all that info AND been at my fingertips in a mobile computer or tablet. This would have been especially useful for the single stations, since they were often forgotten.

Any time I had to send a PC in for repair, RedBeam Asset Tracking could timestamp when equipment moved locations, so other employees could determine if the PC was stolen without a lot of work. We even had a few PCs get stolen, and it was a bit of a search to get the serial numbers to campus police, whereas with Asset Track it could’ve been brought up quickly and easily.

The bundle we offer includes the Motorola ET1 as well. I’ve talked about the ET1 a couple times already. Motorola’s enterprise tablet offers the functionality and familiarity of Android OS but with the durability and warranty coverage needed for business success. With the new addition of their Blockbuster 2D Imager as an add-on scanning module, the ET1 becomes a fantastic data collection and management tool.

I really think this is a great combination, it’ll fit in really well at schools or offices, places where automated asset management will save you time and money, but you don’t necessarily need a huge industrial mobile computer to get the job done.


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