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I had to go with that pun. I mean seriously, that is one gigantic maize maze, and to turn it into a QR code is terrific. A family in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada owns a farm they turn into a corn maze every year, and this year they decided to turn it into the world’s largest QR Code. I’m not sure how many people will be able to scan it, but they say the code takes people to their website, giving potential visitors a rundown on all the fun activities there.

This is a pretty unique way to get your name out, one because it’ll be in the Guinness book of records, and also because you can now use the picture of the maze, QR code and all, in promotional material and save a tremendous amount of space in your marketing collateral.

Imagine a sidebar ad in an travel mag, 80% of the ad can be the QR code and the link takes you to more information, including schedules and booking. Potential visitors don’t have to enter in your website info nor call for more information, just scan the link and they get straight to your site.

It’s great to see businesses using QR codes for more unique purposes but still getting the point across. I know more than a few people who have pushed back against QR codes, bringing up wtfqrcodes as examples why it’s not the best technology, so useful counterexamples are fantastic.

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