Honeywell Dolphin 70eHoneywell just announced a new mobile computer to hit the enterprise market in a big way. The Honeywell Dolphin 70e is a response to a rapid increase of BYOD at businesses and managing the multiple devices needed to keep employees working efficiently on the road or within the four walls. Also I think they really wanted to announce a new Dolphin in Miami. Maybe they can even land their announcement on page one of Google results for “Miami Dolphin.” Maybe.

The Dolphin 70e continues a conversation enterprise mobility companies have had since consumer devices caught up in terms of performance. An iPhone is remarkably powerful and will do pretty much the same stuff as a more expensive enterprise device. However, if you drop your iPhone, your Samsung Galaxy 3, your Moto Droid Razr HD, odds are the screen will shatter and you will no longer be having a good day. And that’s part of the tradeoff with consumer electronics, they’re affordable, powerful, but not durable.

With the Dolphin 70e, you get a similar design to a smartphone but with the durability necessary for mobile field service, route management, or any mobility application out there. The press release only says it can withstand drops to concrete. I’m not going to make a claim on from what height, that’d be foolish.

However, and this is a big deal, the Dolphin 70e is rated at IP67 seal specifications. It’s completely sealed from dust, so no random dust accumulation behind the screen, that’s nice. That second number, the water-related specification, that means it’s sealed against drops into like buckets of water. I’m not sure how often people like to dunk phones into water, but they can with the Dolphin 70e. Given how often friends have “lost” phones to the terrors of rain and gimlets, this seems like a great feature for a lot of people.

And because it’s from Honeywell Advanced Imaging and Data Capture, no Dolphin would be complete without a barcode scanner jammed into it. The Dolphin 70e has a 2D imager built-in, I’m assuming it’s the Adaptus they just announced a couple weeks ago. Even if it’s their older Adaptus 5.0 imager, it should be great for scanning barcodes.

The Dolphin 70e will be available with Windows Mobile or Android OS depending on your needs. So if you have infrastructure & software already established in the Windows Mobile environment, you’re set. But if you are looking at moving to Android, or you want to see how awesome the Android version of RedBeam is, you’re still set. According to the announcement it should be available February 2013, just in time to be a Valentine’s gift for a clumsy loved one.

[Press Release – Honeywell’s New Rugged Enterprise Hybrid Device]

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