Salon Systems

October 1, 2008

Hey guys, this one kind of slipped under the radar, so much so that when I went to upload the imagery for it, I noticed it was already for sale on the site. Woo for paying attention, am I right?

As you may have learned in your perusal of our site, we really dig on taking out the guesswork of getting a complete system going at your business. It’s fun, it makes things easier for everyone involved, and I get to put them together, making me feel important. We’ve added a new Salon System to our lineup and I think it’s pretty awesome.

We’ve offered generic retail systems for like ever, and used to try to shoehorn them into various retail environments. It worked in a few places, like golf shops that serve food, contractor shops (service+inventory), etc. But salons and spas are unique and wouldn’t work with the retail package we have set up. Chairs can be rented out to stylists, regular customers need to be tracked so they know when haircuts or massages are coming up, and not all services are rated the same. It’s like a dentist who doesn’t shame you for not flossing.

So we found some pretty solid salon software, called Salon Iris, put it together with equipment we felt wouldn’t detract from a salon, and let a local salon test it out. They’re the Velvet Rope Hair Studio, and they’ve really helped out with letting us know what works, what doesn’t, and what we should add.

And so now what you see available for purchase is what we’ve been told, by a rad hair salon, will be a great way for salons or spas to get away from a gigantic schedule book and into the 21st century. Yeah that’s a tagline, I think.

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