A couple weeks ago, we met our new representative from Transaction Printer Group, or TPG. For the uninitiated, manufacturer representatives are people who get paid to fly all over the earth and talk about how awesome their existing products are, and how awesome their new products will be. They also buy us lunch the first time we meet them. I really dig on the lunch.

Anyway, TPG guy let us know they had two totally amazing printers available, the A798 and A799. They’re both incredibly similar, down to coming in the same body. One’s super fast, can print in two colors, and I think it’ll even do your taxes. The second one is half as fast, only prints one color, and is more budget oriented. And it was up to me to write two unique product descriptions to make them both sound worth buying.

Generally, I’ve found the best method to approach this situation is to write about the lower end model first. Then it sounds awesome, but the better product sounds AMAZING. It helps me to focus on the strengths of both products as opposed to only seeing the differences between the two.

Unfortunately, I was still pretty out of it after a business excursion and decided to put the fancy printer up first. There’s a post it on my desk now to let me know to never do that again.

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