Unitech AS10Unitech has a new barcode scanner available, the AS10. The AS10 is a contact barcode scanner, so you end up getting a scan range of up to 2 inches for most barcodes. Its shallower depth of field means the AS10 takes a bit longer to set up for a successful scan than higher end scanners. The scanner’s a great choice for places where you might not scan a lot of products, or you’re not too worried about lines forming waiting to check out. So libraries, smaller boutiques, or maybe even asset management at home or your office. Knowing who has your DVDs is great when you’ve switched to Netflix.

The AS10 does not have an autosense or presentation stand available, so it’s all handheld scanning, all day. It’s built to survive 3 foot drops, so knocking it off a counter is no big deal. You get a 1 year warranty with the scanner, so you have some coverage for potential mishaps.

We also have a video covering the AS10, so you can actually see it actually scan barcodes. Which is terrific. Terrific.

Like the video said, this scanner comes in under $50, so it’s an attractive option for those wanting to streamline data capture but maybe don’t want to break the bank on an expensive retail or 2D scanner.

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