Viva Las Vegas

February 4, 2009

Last week Unitech held a conference for their 2009 product lineup, as well as a thank you for being so rad. Held in the glorious Palms hotel and casino, the event was a great way to meet the rest of their crew, as well as other resellers from across the country. It also meant I got to spend 3 days in Vegas. Free drinks and penny slots ahoy!

Anyway, they’re making a push into the healthcare market, as are we, so it’s a good match. They make really solid products and their support is great, so mission critical environments like clinics and hospitals would do well to get set up with Unitech equipment. Their main offering so far is the PA600 MCA. MCA stands for Mobile Clinical Assistant, and is not a Beastie Boys reference, unfortunately.

The PA600 MCA has a couple things to stand it apart from the standard PA600, the first being that it’s clinic white. Really, the paint job is part of an antimicrobial housing, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and other gross critters that can wreck a patient’s day. It also sports an IP64 seal, so water and dust can’t really harm the electronics, and also makes it easy to wipe down or sanitize if someone were to sneeze or get sick on it.

For barcode scanning, it has a 2D imager, which actually doubles as a color camera. As such, they use a white light to illuminate the barcode, which could be disconcerting to people at first. On top, or I guess next to, the 2D imager, the PA600 MCA comes with an HF RFID reader built-in. They didn’t opt for UHF RFID because that’d read every RFID tag, bracelet, whatever in a pretty solid radius. It’s tough to check last visit on a patient when you’re getting info on 4 others at the same time.

So this is step one into our foray into the healthcare market, hopefully step three is profit.

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