I think I watched it 12 times yesterday. More content coming soon.

We’re trying to drum up support for a new-ish barcode scanner that’s out from our friends at Metrologic. They may be changing their name to Honeywell Imaging and Mobility, which I’m sure won’t confuse customers or diminish their long standing branding and image as makers of kickass barcode scanners. So for the next month and a half, we’re offering a mail-in rebate on the Metrologic VoyagerGS. The GS stands for Gun-Style, though when I first listed it I thought up a ton of other phrases that fit the acronym. I think Gorilla Slapper was the company favorite, though I giggled incessantly at Grabby Senior.

Otherwise, we’re working on trying to pretty up the site and add some features that make us unique snowflakes in the blizzard that is online point of sale retail. I’ll let you know when those hit; I’m sure you’re DYING to learn about it.

If I start getting google hits for people searching for Grabby Senior, I’ll make another post to reinforce it.

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