Mobile POS Systems

September 19, 2014

A lot of our customers are asking to take their point of sale mobile; from trade shows to just wanting to check on reporting at home, flexibility and mobility seem pretty key. And we’ve tweaked and tuned our offerings, creating the Premium Mobile Retail System with their needs in mind.

We had a previous mobile POS system available, but we ran into some limitations. Primarily it dealt with the battery life of the tablet, in that it was not very good. We also tried to make it fully mobile, which drove up the price in some ways and prevented us from making a full-featured solution.

premium-mobile-pos-systemThis Premium Mobile Retail System comes with Elo’s 10.1-inch tablet, providing solid performance in a sleek design. There’s even a hand strap on the back for added comfort! The tablet runs Windows 7, so you can toss Office & other assorted software you may want on it. The battery is rated to last a full work shift, so you can wander off and check your inventory without fear of the tablet needed to be charged halfway through.

Designed to be a combo of stationary POS system as well as mobile POS option, we include everything you’d find at a regular checkstand. There’s a charging base for the Elo tablet, receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner, so you can use it like you would any other POS system. The tablet runs PCAmerica Cash Register Express, flexible POS software that is great at touch-driven operation as well as more traditional use.

Once you pop the tablet out of the stand, the system becomes your mobile point of sale solution. It has an integrated card reader, so if you have secured WiFi you can run credit cards no sweat. And since the tablet has your full software install, your inventory counts will stay accurate even while on the road.

The standard receipt printer and cash drawer only work when the tablet is plugged into the base, so you don’t have to worry about the drawer accidentally opening if you ring up a customer on your showroom floor. Also, Cash Register Express can store those receipts, printing them out in batches when you do return to the station.

We do offer some upgrades, most of the standards to our other systems, such as adding a barcode printer or pole display. And if you want to go for full on mobile, we have an upgrade what swaps out the cabled scanner and printer for Bluetooth models. This is great if you’re interested in doing completely mobile point of sale, like at a farmer’s market, or if you want to bust some lines.

The Premium Mobile Retail System is a great option for businesses that may want to go mobile but still want a traditional checkstand. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a full stationary system and a mobile system, while giving the benefits of both.

Salon Systems

October 1, 2008

Hey guys, this one kind of slipped under the radar, so much so that when I went to upload the imagery for it, I noticed it was already for sale on the site. Woo for paying attention, am I right?

As you may have learned in your perusal of our site, we really dig on taking out the guesswork of getting a complete system going at your business. It’s fun, it makes things easier for everyone involved, and I get to put them together, making me feel important. We’ve added a new Salon System to our lineup and I think it’s pretty awesome.

We’ve offered generic retail systems for like ever, and used to try to shoehorn them into various retail environments. It worked in a few places, like golf shops that serve food, contractor shops (service+inventory), etc. But salons and spas are unique and wouldn’t work with the retail package we have set up. Chairs can be rented out to stylists, regular customers need to be tracked so they know when haircuts or massages are coming up, and not all services are rated the same. It’s like a dentist who doesn’t shame you for not flossing.

So we found some pretty solid salon software, called Salon Iris, put it together with equipment we felt wouldn’t detract from a salon, and let a local salon test it out. They’re the Velvet Rope Hair Studio, and they’ve really helped out with letting us know what works, what doesn’t, and what we should add.

And so now what you see available for purchase is what we’ve been told, by a rad hair salon, will be a great way for salons or spas to get away from a gigantic schedule book and into the 21st century. Yeah that’s a tagline, I think.

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