HHP 3800g Video Review

September 29, 2008

Hey kids, feast your eyes on yet another review. This is the HHP 3800g. It may soon be the Honeywell 3800g, or it already is. Honeywell buys lots of companies, and HHP was one of them. Before HHP, they were Welch-Allyn. But this scanner is pretty rad for its price. Super durable, light immune, can read like everything ever that’s 1D. I’m a fan of that.

Yeah so the audio’s a little rough; we’re learning this as we go along as well. Hopefully we’ll have a better mic for the next one.

Custom Card Printing

September 25, 2008

Well, the fruits of my labor are finally starting to crop up on the site. Custom Card Printing is now live and kickin around. We’ve had a lot of customers wanting to set up customer loyalty cards or gift cards, and previously we’d get them in touch with other companies. But that seems kind of lame, pawning our customers off when we have the infrastructure to take care of it ourselves. So now cards are available in packs of 50 or 300, and in a few pre-designed styles. Your business name gets slapped on there, along with phone number & address, and you’re good to go.

For the really finnicky customer, we do provide full custom designs. Kind of similar to other custom design sites, we’ll send you a template, and you send us back the designed card, and we take care of the printing. It does cost a little more, but a lot more goes into that than the pre-designed cards.

Yeah, I post really regularly. Part of that is because I’ve been working on video reviews. And one finally hit the internets. Check it out, give it a gander, but be gentle, it’s our first go. Hopefully the next one will be better.

No rest for the awesome

September 9, 2008

I mentioned in a previous post that we did some work under the hood on the site to make it a little snappier. Well now that we’re pretty much done with it, we’re on to adjusting the outward appearance to be a more aesthetically pleasing. Mostly we’re trying to point out the stuff we do that customers may dig, but don’t see that we do it unless they dig around the site. Some would say it’s lace on a bowling ball, I would, well, I guess agree.

One of the big things you’ll notice is the right side bar has a bunch of fun stuff talking about our rockin free shipping, super nerdy phone support, and more. It does kind of trap the content in the middle of the page, which I guess is pretty cool.

In other news, my boss has been on vacation a couple times in the past couple weeks, so I’ve been trying to do some of the work he normally handles. Like web dev stuff. All I can say is I’m super rusty, but picking it back up pretty quickly. Once we push the thing I worked on, I’ll share some of the fun of relearning this stuff.

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