Symbol TC70

October 24, 2014

tc70-rightThe transition from Motorola back to Symbol is well underway, with the TC70 being one of the first new mobile computers to eschew the batwing in favor of SYMBOL. This device is built for enterprise data management in the four walls and should be a good fit for retail and even light industrial work.

General Features

The TC70, to me, is a burlier upgrade on the MC40 mobile computer. It runs Android KitKat OS (4.4.2) using Google’s Android Open Source Project version of the OS. This means you don’t get access to the Google Play store, which is a bit of a bummer if the software you need to install exists there. Software can get side-loaded onto the device, so I think you can get the Google Play store on there maybe.

To power the Android OS, the TC70 runs on a nimble 1.7 GHz dual core processor with 1 GB of RAM. There’s 8 GB of onboard storage for apps files and whatnot; if you need more storage, there is a microSD slot that supports 32 GB cards. So 40 total GB of data storage, that’s a lot of Starland Vocal Band albums.

Data capture is a snap with the TC70. It has the SE4750 2D imager built-in, which is similar to the scanner found in the DS4308. You get a solid scanning range with the scanner, about 2 feet for retail barcodes, and then some variance for different symbologies & densities & whatnot. There are also two cameras on the TC70. A rear-mounted 8 megapixel camera is fantastic for proof-of-delivery, documenting damage to shipments, or taking pictures of awesome vans. There’s also a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video chat and selfie purposes.

The screen is 4.7″ and runs at a native 1280×720, so you should be able to watch 720p videos with ease. Or see inventory and pick lists easily. Depends on how laid back your business is. It uses Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for the screen, tough enough to handle drops and spills and accidental damage. The touchscreen on the TC70 is “dual mode capacitive touch.” It does work with gloved fingers, which is great if you’re on the shop floor and are worried about losing a finger. There’s also a “wet mode” which provides increased accuracy when moisture is on the screen. Wet capacitive screens tend to act really funky, so this is a great additon.

Battery life shouldn’t be an issue with the TC70. It comes with a 4620 mAh battery, which adds to the heft and also provides a TON of power for watching movies or doing your job.


Durabilty is a big piece of the TC70’s game plan. The mobile computer is built to IP67 standards, so it’s completely sealed against dust and water dunks. I have not yet tossed mine in a bucket of water, but I do plan to when we’re done covering it and extolling its virtues both in text and video.

The mobile computer is reinforced with burly overmolding, protecting it from six-foot drops to concrete and 2,000 one-meter tumbles. You could say it rolls down stairs, alone and in pairs. Another thing to notice about the TC70 is that every button is recessed below the overmolding. I’ve been told this helps improve the longevity of the buttons, since in a drop the main point of impact would be the rugged parts and not the moving parts. It’s the little things, am I right?


There are a few accessories available for the TC70, further improving its functionality. However, because the mobile computer is sealed, the connection points are a little different than you’d find on a standard smartphone.

Trigger Assembly – This converts the TC70 to a more traditional style mobile computer, making it easy to scan barcodes and also manipulate data on the screen.

Snap-On Card Reader – For mobile POS or line busting, this is a great addition. It snaps to the base of the TC70 and provides some added encryption to prevent data from getting into the wrong hands.

Audio Nugget – This is just a great name for a thing. Since the TC70 is sealed, there’s no audio jack on it. The “audio nugget” snaps onto the back of the mobile computer and provides an audio jack, in case you need to do voice picking or VOIP stuff. Audio nugget.

Charging Cables – Sometimes you don’t need a full cradle to charge your mobile device. This cable snaps on using magnets to hold it to your TC70, charging it up over USB or AC cable.


The TC70 is a great, multi-faceted tool for data management within a business. With the right snap-on accessories you can convert it to a powerful line busting tool, a shipping/picking dynamo, and more. It’s built to handle a beating, making it a great choice in hardware stores, lumber yards, or garden centers for retail. I do want to throw it in some water and see how it handles that.

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