Jaime is cranking these out like it’s nobody’s business. The Metrologic Solaris is a high-powered omni-directional barcode scanner, excellent for grocery stores, drug stores, or any place needing up to 1,800 scans per second. It’s a boxy little guy, so it’s easy to set in-counter if space is an issue, too.

Anyway, here’s the video. I think there were two extra takes with goofiness. Really hard to make outtakes off of that.

Microsoft POS Systems

December 5, 2008

I haven’t done a content-heavy post in quite a while, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to get one going. I’m also hitting terrible writer’s block on another product rollout, so I’m hoping this clears up some space for new words to fall out of my brain and onto the screen.

We’ve got a Microsoft POS Complete System up on the site, and I think it’s pretty special. Mostly because I had to put it all together. This one’s a little different from the other systems, since we had to maintain compatibility with Microsoft POS. Thankfully, that just means the scanner is a Metrologic (I don’t want to call it Honeywell) Voyager, which totally looks like an alien.

The rest of the parts are POS-X, so setup is pretty straightforward, just like for the other systems. I also felt that if it differed too wildly from the other systems, the system builders would throw stuff at me for making too much extra work.

So if you’re looking for Microsoft POS and the requisite hardware to get it going, we have you covered.

Jingle Belly Good Times

December 2, 2008

We have custom programming over at POSGuys.com, and they’re pretty smart guys. They primarily write software for mobile devices, since often times a customer needs something between low-end mobile data collection software and the really expensive stuff. But don’t let that stop you from asking them to build unique and interesting software, because they can do it with ease.

Anyway, when we started throwing our video reviews up on youtube, the lead programmer started trawling their video section for anything point of sale or barcode scanner related, and found this gem. Not one to be outdone, he crafted a piece of mobile software that converts the information in a barcode into a pitch frequency which the mobile computer then synthesizes. He also made a chart of notes so we could mess around and try to make different songs.

Once Jaime got a hold of it, she was able to put her musical chops to use, and our first barcode symphony was born.

Barcode Symphony is available for free at our site, as well as a standard note chart and the chorus to jingle bells. So download it, make some music, and share it with the rest of class. Our next musical endeavor may involve never giving up, we’ll let you know when it’s done.

We finally got a video done for a review of the VoyagerGS (Gorilla Slapper). It’s good times, and took like 2 takes to get done. Which is good, unless you think outtakes are fun to watch.

I’ve waxed poetic on this scanner on a couple occasions already, so let’s just get to the video.

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