After Honeywell bought HHP and Metrologic, they ended up with a few products that overlapped. And nobody wants overlapping products, it causes split ends. So they’ve been slowly whittling away the excess products, getting their catalog into lean, mean, fighting machine status. The current round of end of life products are from the Metrologic side, and their replacements more than make up for this loss. There’s a handy dandy table at the bottom of the post if you’re really looking for more info.

VoyagerHD & VoyagerPDF: While these scanners provided pretty solid features for Metrologic (4 mil barcode scanning capability and a laser scanner capable of reading PDF417 barcodes, respectively), the HHP products and even newer Metrologic products did the same and for about the same price. VoyagerHD can be replaced by the high density VoyagerGS, which is a better all around laser scanner. For the VoyagerPDF, they recommend getting the 3800g PDF scanner. For its price, nothing beats the 3800g lineup.

MS1890 Industrial Focus: I felt bad for this product. It came out right before the merger, and half of HHP’s lineup does the same with greater cachet. The 4800i industrial 2D scanner should replace the industrial focus and then some.

MS7320 InVista: Pretty glad this is getting replaced by the Solaris, since we have a solid video showing off how amazing it is.

MS2320 StratosE: For a while I’m pretty sure there were about 8 different Stratoses (Stratii?) Thankfully, they’re whittling it down to the best and the brightest. The MS2420 Stratos is the new replacement and that thing is a beast.

IS1650 Focus: We never really listed this scanner, mostly because it’s designed for automation and we’re big into point of sale. It’s like a Focus with the handle knocked off, but they make better products and now it’s done for. The MS4980 VuQuest is replacing it, and that scanner’s pretty fast so good on them.

And here’s the handy chart!

If You Had: You Will Want:
VoyagerHD VoyagerGS HD
VoyagerPDF 3800G PDF
MS1890 Industrial Focus 4800i
MS7320 InVista MS7280 Solaris
MS2022 StratosE MS2420 Stratos
IS1650 Focus MS4980 VuQuest

We finally got a video done for a review of the VoyagerGS (Gorilla Slapper). It’s good times, and took like 2 takes to get done. Which is good, unless you think outtakes are fun to watch.

I’ve waxed poetic on this scanner on a couple occasions already, so let’s just get to the video.

We’re trying to drum up support for a new-ish barcode scanner that’s out from our friends at Metrologic. They may be changing their name to Honeywell Imaging and Mobility, which I’m sure won’t confuse customers or diminish their long standing branding and image as makers of kickass barcode scanners. So for the next month and a half, we’re offering a mail-in rebate on the Metrologic VoyagerGS. The GS stands for Gun-Style, though when I first listed it I thought up a ton of other phrases that fit the acronym. I think Gorilla Slapper was the company favorite, though I giggled incessantly at Grabby Senior.

Otherwise, we’re working on trying to pretty up the site and add some features that make us unique snowflakes in the blizzard that is online point of sale retail. I’ll let you know when those hit; I’m sure you’re DYING to learn about it.

If I start getting google hits for people searching for Grabby Senior, I’ll make another post to reinforce it.

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