This is absolutely fantastic, and I’m hoping it increases our conversion rate in the long term. Interest-based Advertising, so if I’m reading this right, and I’d like to think I am, you search Google and its affiliates, reading up on say “president nixon”, “blue people”, and “alternate universe”, and you’ll see ads for like Watchmen stuff. Look at me, being quasi-relevant in a post about ad relevance.

Our business is really focused on a specific market anyway, but having ads reinforced based on users’ interests as opposed to one-time searches should help drive quality visitors to our site. And that’s a pretty solid thing in my mind.

Official Google Blog Post

I’ve always dug on really showing  what products can do, it’s way more impressive than just saying they’re durable. Muting the audio may be preferable for those who are violently allergic to Fred Durst. The Symbol/Motorola (Symbolora? Motorymbol?) MC9000 is what you see doing price and inventory checks at big box stores like Target.

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