We got yet another video up for your amusement. This time it’s the Datalogic QuickScan series of retail barcode scanners. Available as a linear imager, laser scanner, and cordless imager, these barcode scanners are pretty snappy and lightweight.

Anyway, enjoy!

Not one to deprive you of the videos we make, here’s a quickie of the new POS-X EVO-TM1 touchscreen monitor. We got Travis to run this one, primarily because we wanted more videos of him on YouTube.

POS-X updated their XI3000 to become the XI3200, and so they did the same with their bluetooth barcode scanner. The XI3200BT is a pretty solid contender for any retail location needing a bit of mobility. It doesn’t have a batch memory mode, which is alright since it also has a 328-foot line of site radio range. That is a long distance to cover and can easily take care of most businesses.

And check this out, more video!

RFID Field Visualization

October 13, 2009

Just saw a pretty rad video on warrenellis.com from a blogpost over at BERG about methods to visualize RFID Fields for use in building equipment and device deployment. We try to provide customers with RFID solutions often, unfortunately there are so many variables when creating a solution that it often becomes daunting quick. The method involved in the video, while not feasible for on-site estimates, can give customers a fantastic way to better understand and visualize the effective reading range for various RFID equipment.

Warren Ellis – Immaterials

I’ve always dug on really showing  what products can do, it’s way more impressive than just saying they’re durable. Muting the audio may be preferable for those who are violently allergic to Fred Durst. The Symbol/Motorola (Symbolora? Motorymbol?) MC9000 is what you see doing price and inventory checks at big box stores like Target.

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